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The Importance of Revenue

When we talk, hear or read about revenue, the first thing to think is numbers. But numbers, nowadays, are the essential of the life of every company or hotel brand.

Revenue is more than numbers, is the strategy that a company would like to see done during a year. Like the budget that every year is prepared, there must be adjusted, not only to the management wish but always to what is happening around to the company – city, region, country or world.

Revenue and Budget are connected, because one doesn’t live without the other. If we choose the idea of Revenue in the air travel industry, we should use every assets of it, not only at hotel, but also on Restaurants, Bars, etc.

That makes the point. The importance of Revenue and the study of it every day, weekly, monthly will make the industry achieve better and bigger results.

When we talk and study about costs variations, the price stipulation for a product it is important to know the best Revenue policies and that it goes hand in hand with the company’s growth and its sustainability.

The sustainability of a company is the main focus and objective of a company / accommodation and / or restaurant unit, because revenue must also be studied, analysed and implemented in the catering sector, in order to achieve better results. This way of working, which breaks with tradition and historical mannerisms, allows a more real and more assertive look at the business. Revenue is not only the implementation of costs, it is also the analysis of sales per hour, products and services with the best acceptance by the public, which are the best-selling hours, what actions should be taken to reach the target market, what actions must be taken solve certain problems, which products will be in demand in the near future (month, season or year).

Therefore, the Revenue its study and its implementation are by far a tool to help a better and more effective work and reach the objectives that will put your company on a different level.

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